Who We Are

Arrival Artists is an independent music booking agency, born in 2020 out of the most unlikely of scenarios.

Its six founding partners, all long term friends and colleagues, seized an opportunity to come together and create a home that is welcoming to all, that champions art over dollars and that values the team as a whole. 

Trained as independent agents, followed by years of major agency experience, we represent success stories from nearly every genre, and artists that perform across the developmental spectrum. We are thoughtful entrepreneurs with culturally relevant and unique rosters. 

Building off of our COO’s experience in co-founding PLUS1, we’re the first boutique agency with in-house corporate social responsibility capabilities. We’ll work with our artist teams to incorporate philanthropic efforts into all facets of their business including non-profit development, connecting with justice leaders to further education, and provide strategy on how to leverage our clients platforms to drive consequential change.